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Uploading Video to the Internet From Your iPhone

/* EDIT 5/27/09 – The recent update to Pixelpipe breaks the functionality of PPVideoEnabler – odd considering they endorsed the app on their website. Either don’t update PixelPipe or wait for an update from PPVideoEnabler */
/*EDIT 6/28/09 – Pixelpipe released an update that makes it compatible with native video on the 3GS. It is working again on iphone 3G also*/

What You Need:

A 3G iPhone is recommended and running the latest firmware & Jailbroken
From the App Store: PixelPipe
From Cydia: PPVideoEnabler & either Cycorder or Video Recorder for 3G (just get Cycorder, it’s free – and if you like it, donate.)

What You Can Expect:

It’s in the FAQ of Cycorder that Youtube sometimes incorrectly handles the audio for uploaded videos that were recorded with it – which will result in corrupted or no audio. The worst thing that will happen is that you will have to re-encode the video on your computer. I have not experienced this though. Also, the best possible video that the iPhone 3G is capable of is 15fps, which is OK but not great – and the video sometimes has a weird sheering effect, which can be somewhat minimized by shooting only in brightly lit areas. (It’s a limitation of the hardware, and not the software.) Here is a sample video of the worst case of the sheering that I’ve yet to see. You could also upload videos that were transferred to your phone through iTunes.. but if you’re going about doing that this way then you’ve obviously got problems.

“Pixelpipe is currently supporting upload of video to the following:,, Buzznet,, Email, flickr, FotoTime, Friendfeed, FTP, Hyves.nt,*, imeem, ipernity, Jaiku*, Kodak Gallery, kwippy*, kyte, Nokia Ovi, Phanfare, photobucket,*, Plerb*, Plurk*, Rejaw*, Seesmic, Smugmug, Twitter*, Viddler, vimeo, Vox & YouTube.” (excerpt from a pixelpipe blog post + I made the ones that you are most likely to care about bold)

So If That Sounds Good:

  1. Download and install all of the required apps – now restart your phone.
  2. Open PPVideoEnabler and slide the box over for the video app that you have chosen
  3. Hide PPVideoEnabler with BossPrefs or SBSettings because you no longer need to see this app
  4. On your computer go to PixelPipe’s website and create an account – It has been both sketchy and difficult to make an account within the app itself for me in the past.
  5. Once you have created your account, Open PixelPipe on your phone – Log in, and add a destination
  6. Choose whichever service you like. Make sure you are uploading your video to a service that pixelpipe supports video with (see list above), otherwise it won’t do anything with it.
  7. For some services it will have you log-in to the service through an in-app browser to confirm the account (if this is failing, then add the destinations through your computer) If it just asks for log-in information then don’t worry about this.
  8. Once the account is confirmed you can test upload a video.. (quit the app and go shoot one if you don’t have one already..)
  9. In PixelPipe in the Media tab you will see all of your pictures and videos – if you have Cycorder, the videos will be titled as a bunch of numbers with a .mov extension. You are able to edit some details (title, caption, & keywords) about the video by skillfully pressing the tiny arrow on the right.
  10. Select one to upload and you should see a checkmark appear below the name. Press Upload to confirm, and you will see it go into your queue.
  11. Once it is done uploading, give it about 5 minutes, and your video should be viewable online.
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