Use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi Microphone (and what to do if ipconfig isn’t working)

21 Jun

If you’re like me, and you use a laptop that sits away from you on a desk, &/or don’t have or want a real microphone etc; You can use your iPhone or iPad (pretty sure) as a wireless mic – and the quality is pretty damn decent, albeit a fraction of a second delayed – but if you use headphones for things like skype, you won’t have any problems. I tried several “wi-fi microphones” in the app store, and this is the only one I could get to work at a usable level..

Search the iTunes app store for AirMic (or click right there), and download the companion app for your computer by clicking here.

On Mac, piece of cake.
On Windows, you’ll need to find your IP address to enter into the AirMic iPhone app…
To do that, click on the start button (that little circle with the windows logo inside it, at the bottom left corner of the screen) then it will allow you to immediately type something into the search box.. type: “cmd” without the quotations.
That will bring up the command prompt, a black & white boring looking little program.
now type: ipconfig /all and hit enter (that’s: ipconfig(space)/all ) – This will give you some network statistics about your computer. If you don’t see your ipv4 address in there (something resembling:, then type: ipconfig and hit enter – this will give you a shorter list of results.
Now, if typing ipconfig doesn’t work; (if it returns something like: “ipconfig is not a recognized command bla bla”) you will have to type in the path, or if you’re a more advanced user, you can create an environment variable.
Type in this without the quotation marks: “cd C:\windows\system32”
that will change the path, where the command prompt is effectively “looking”.
Now you can type “ipconfig” without the quotation marks, hit enter, and get your results.

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Posted by on June 21, 2011 in iPhone, Skype, Windows 7


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