Force iTunes to use a different drive for idevice backups in Windows

19 Nov

Wow, had no idea iTunes was this stubborn about where it holds it’s files. Personally, I wouldn’t use it at all if I didn’t own an idevice. But ANYWAYS: if you have a small boot drive (in this new age of high cost & low capacity SSDs, and PC’s that come with pre-partitioned drives; it’s quite likely) you may want to make iTunes use a different drive for those spacious iPhone, iPad, iPod etc; backups. Here is how to do it.

We’re going to trick iTunes, because it’s a stubborn little child. We will create a junction, which will effectively redirect where iTunes tries to read and write files. First off, close iTunes. If you want to, now is the time to create your new directory on the other drive, and copy the old files over into it.

1. Go here: and download the Junction.

2. Extract the zip file into the root of your C drive.

3. Open the command prompt (click the start button, and type “cmd” to get to it.)

4. In the command prompt change your directory to the C drive by typing: cd C:\ and hit enter

5. Now we will use the junction file to do the redirect. we will type junction, then the directory path of your iTunes folder (can also see what this is in iTunes, by going to preferences > Advanced) For me my backups were going into C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes so that is what I’m using in this example. And then type the directory path that you would LIKE to use in quotation marks. So, for example, I typed:

junction C:\Users\username\My Music\iTunes “D:\iTunes”

Then hit enter.

For good measure, I also made the change in iTunes (doesn’t help much without the junction, but this does work for just music)

You can do that by going into iTunes’ preferences, and under the advanced tab changing the directory – click ok to return to iTunes. Now in iTunes, go to File > Library > Organize Library – and in the pop-up box click “Consolidate Library” – now hit OK.

Now close iTunes, and delete those old files off your poor C drive.

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Posted by on November 19, 2010 in iPhone, iTunes, Music, Windows 7


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